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(re: Sierra Talents) I’m trying to chase a bug (in some code) so I’ll be brief:
I confess that I wasn’t very scientific … Roberta was picked as a designer because she was my wife. Actually, it can be argued that she started the company more than me.
Other designers:
Jim Walls — lived in the town. I don’t remember how we were introduced
Jane Jensen — I assume she wrote me at some point
Al Lowe — I was looking for education product, and ran into him at a computer show — he had written some education games
Josh Mandel — don’t remember
Who am I missing? (there are dozens more, but my mind seems to have gone)
Generally I tended to work backwards from what I was attempting to accomplish. If it felt right to me to do a horror game, the next person who struck me as being creative and into horror, was given a chance. 99% of breaking through to me was timing.
-Ken W