Reply To: What Sierra Means To Me


(re: re: What Sierra Means To Me) I first encountered Sierra and computers for that matter in 1988 at Delaware Tech. My professor had Leisure Suit Larry II and we would play after classes for hours trying to figure out the puzzles! What fun it was. That year I bought my first computer (286 – he he) and started my vast collection of Sierra games. I played them all. I absolutely enjoyed every one of them. They were awesome! I wanted my experience to be the best possible experience and proceded to upgrade everything I could. I bought the Ad-Lib card and CM-64 through Sierra. I had my stereo hooked up to it with two giant 16″ speakers on top of my hutch. I would crank up the soundtracks to max when I was playing. Red Baron was one of my favorite soundtracks.
Nowadays, I fix PCs for a living. I still continue to upgrade my PC at home to get the most out of every game I buy.
Sierra has given me the greatest hobby I could ever desire! Now, if they could just get those games to work in XP!!! 🙂