Reply To: What Sierra Means To Me


(re: What Sierra Means To Me) When I bought my very first computer, an IBM PC jr, I also bought Kings Quest I to go with it. The game was most interesting & addictive. What was really a bonus though was that my oldest son wanted to play it too. The only problem was, he couldn’t read and he was about 6 years old. So, in order for him to play, I or my wife would have to read to him what was on the screen.
One day, I said to him that if he wanted to play anymore, he would have to learn to read what was on the screen. Amazingly, it worked. He suddenly learned very quickly & as he progressed in school, his reading comprehension was at least 4 grades higher than he was.
He is 21 now, still loves to read, still plays a multitude of computer games, & is nostalgic about the KQ series, all of which we owned at one time.
So, what does Sierra mean to me? An interesting & innovative early literature programme.
Thank you Ken & Roberta!