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(The Sierra Mystery) Wow, amazing how many of you guys felt like responding to my comment. It’t really nice to see, that I am not the only one not quite content with things the way they are at the moment (Thanks to Jim!)
You see, it is kind of puzzeling me over and over again. My point is that apparently there is both, talented and professional game designers willing to make adventure games (I’m referring to Al Lowe in particular, whose LSL Games I loved most!) and loads, and I mean it, of people not only willing but absolutely extatic about buying an “new-old-adventure”. Now the only thing that seems to be missing is the Name Sierra, which, as Ken correctly mentioned, is not what it used to be anyway. The problem for me is to get those things into my head at the same time, which until now just won’t work out. You see what I mean?
Thanks, Dan