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(re: Why we’re not doing anything) Another example of Corporate America and the “bottom line” outweighing creative and artistic endeavor. It is a shame that you had a vision and that vision got completely and irrevocably destroyed by Big Business and corporate takeovers. (I’m talking about the subsequent takeovers after your initial sale).
You, and I speak in a plural sense, were the pioneers in Graphic Adventures and your company, Sierra On Line, was the most honest and dependable company in the business of game making. Your guarantee of completely satisfied or your money back (or replacement of equal value) was proof of that and you put your actions where your mouth was. Also your tech support was friendly and unconditionally helpful. You made a quality product and wanted your customers to be completely satisfied with an unconditional guarantee. I applaud you and your company and mourn the loss of the company and such honest business practices.
Your games got me started playing Graphic Adventures. I started with Kings Quest II and got hooked I then proceeded to purchase any and every game that came out by Sierra On Line as I knew they would be enjoyable and I could depend on the quality. Also if there was a problem you would go out of your way to fix it.
I feel honored to be able to relay my feelings to the actual owners and creators of these great Adventure Games and would be the first in line to buy another effort should you so decide.
While I have the chance, there’s a question that I’ve always wanted to ask. In the original Kronder game, I believe it was Betrayal in Kronder did I not see Roberta in one of the pubs?
I sincerely hope that the old Sierra On Line gang make a comeback.