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(re: re: Talkspot – or, life after Sierra) “…Ken, how many listeners did those Talkspot shows have, if there was a way to count them? …”
Talkspot did very well at collecting an audience – by internet standards at the time, but very low by any other measure. The highest rated shows might have 300-500 people in the audience, but audience sizes closer to 50-100 were much more typical. This is concurrent viewers – in a given day, 10,000 or more people might view our shows.
Our problem wasn’t audience size, it was our inability to sell ads, and that our economics didn’t make sense. It was costing us more in bandwidth costs, than we could make back selling ads. When you lose 10 cents per hour per viewer, you can’t make it up with volume.
The shows were awesome, but the business didn’t work.
-Ken W