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(re: Talkspot – or, life after Sierra) Wow! Thanks for the info. I guess it might be that you were a little too ahead of time. The whole Internet broadcast idea is still viable, and I know there’s lots of research being done on new protocols etc. that would allow real-time data streams to be received by multiple users, so that the sender won’t need loads of bandwidth to broadcast a thing like TalkSpot even if there are thousands of receivers. Maybe just a regular PC would do. Also, it’s now becoming more and more viable to broadcast live video as people get better and better connections. Surely someone with the right strategy (and luck) could quickly build a fortune out of these things…
Concerning the live Sierra show, “The Sierra Reunion” as it was called, it surely is a great show! I got it stored away somewhere. Also, I remember TalkSpot was used for promotion of some Sierra games. Unfortunately I haven’t found all of these things archived. For instance, there was a long 3-part live interview series with Roberta and Mark Seibert about the history of Sierra and King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity. Unfortunately I could only find the first two of those…