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(re: Older games?)

ken makes a good point about the cell phones. someone posted on adventuregamers a few months ago that he had converted several AGI games to run on cell phones. he said his company was talking to sierra about it. never heard anything else and i can’t find anything about this on the web, so it might be a hoax, but if it’s true i think it’s a great idea.

as frustrating as it is that sierra won’t give up the rights, they are relatively lax about abandonware. you can still find the games all over the web if you look (not that i’d ever do a thing like that! ) or maybe their lawyers just don’t know where to look…

i think most nostalgic sierra fans prefer the real thing to a download, anyway. i regularly scour the goodwill store for oldies. (picked up the VGA rerelease of PQ1 yesterday for $3.99, boxed and everything!)