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(re: Older games?) This is interesting stuff!
Sierra’s current business policy is a mystery to me. A good example is the Leisure Suit Larry Ultimate Pleasure Pack, which contains all of the LSL games in one great collection. However, it was obviously never printed in big enough numbers, as you can hardly even find a used copy of this collection on eBay or Amazon, and when you do the price is simply insane. Al Lowe himself has written about his frustration concerning this collection. Sierra won’t sell more copies of it, even when there is a huge demand on the product and their development cost of the product is zero. Can’t they afford the printing and warehouse costs? Come on! Of course they can! May it be that they have left the old Sierra products behind as part of a strategy to “cut the cords” to the old Sierra? Maybe… but it doesn’t seem like a very good idea. People loved the old Sierra, and still do, while people couldn’t care less about the current Sierra even though they buy the occasional game published by them. Or can it be that they don’t want to have “old” games using old technology associated with the name of a company striving to release the coolest games with the latest technology?
But my money would be on the assumption that they simply don’t know what their customers want anymore.