Reply To: I miss Sierra


(re: I miss Sierra) Despite the shift in genres and development houses, Sierra is still at the top of its game when it comes down to it. The company may not produce or publish adventure games (right now 😉 ), but the genres of profit they produce for are of top-notch stuff. Action games like Half-Life and SWAT are quite good, and their strategy/simulation games are amazing, such as Pharoh or Zeus. If anybody gets the chance to purchase “The Great Empires Collection II”, I suggest you do so :), that’s a whole lot of gaming for 30 bucks.
What I wish they would do is start cranking out new collections! Like I said above, Great Empires is a good collection, and they recently released a new Half-Life Collection that has just about everything a Half-Life newbie needs. But what about adventure collections? I wouldn’t mind a new King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, or Leisure Suit Larry Collection updated with the proper software enabling them to run properly on new systems (like Windows XP). It’s not like it would cost them a bunch, just some new modifications to tweak the system requirements.
Another thing bothering me about Sierra lately is: are they even really a company anymore? Everytime I read GameSpot or IGN they list most Sierra pulished games, like Half-Life 2 I’m assuming, as Vivendi Publishing. Why not Sierra? They don’t do that for Universal Games or Blizzard, so why Sierra?
Oh, by the way, I’m new! Let the iniation begin!