Reply To: I miss Sierra


(re: I miss Sierra) I’m sorry, but I can’t see how Sierra should be given credit for CounterStrike. No complaints about the game, but it started off as a fan-made mod to Half-Life, and was only purchased and published by Sierra when it had become big enough. There’s no Sierra in there, except in the packaging and shipping. Ok, it shows that Sierra isn’t completely hopeless when it comes to finding a good deal today, but that’s about it.
I would really like to know what the latest Sierra game was that actually was developed by the company, and not only published. It seems to me that it’s mainly a publishing company today, and I’m not sure if they develop in-house games anymore. Companies like Valve works very independently of Sierra. They have little more than a business deal about publication of their games. Also, Sierra today stands next to two gaming giants, namely Blizzard and Fox Interactive, which I assume have outgrown Sierra by far and currently are Vivendi’s real cash-cows.
It is my view that Sierra has not merely gone from an artistically creative company to a corporate entertainment giant like Electronic Arts, but that it has gone from a leading artistically creative company to a corporate entertainment company that’s not very significant at all among its competitors. Of course I could be wrong, so feel free to disagree and I will listen…