Reply To: I miss Sierra


(re: I miss Sierra) Ken,
Are you serious? That is amazing. You are a God. I can’t believe that you had a hand in that project. Don’t take any offense but I thought that you could only do those adventure/mystery games. Not that that’s bad because those games were always top notch but wow I can’t believe that you really started Half-Life. That is a serious achievement and that game is so different than most other FPS’s. You HAVE to get back into the business, forget what I said about living the dream, it’s a must. How does everything you touch turn into a masterpiece? You know what? I changed my mind about the “New” Sierra, cutting you out was the biggest mistake they ever made. Ken, you need to pull Roger Clemens and sign with the hated Yankees. Did Sierra even have a rival or an arch nemesis back in the 80’s and 90’s? I think you mentioned EA but whatever it’d be great to see you on board a project, the publicity alone would sell those games.