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Lol I wish. It’s not actual video (though I love to make movies), it’s sort of…well, here’s how it works:

You Make A Production Company
You Press “New” (For new movie)
You Write the title, pick the genre, if it’s an animated movie, or if its an epic (anim. and epic are optional, you dont always have to press them).
And if you want, you can write a description, though it doesnt affect anything
Then, you ask major studios, some reject you, some offer you a budget.
Pick one, then get the Director, Actor, Actress, Composer, Effects House, Sound Mix, and your ready.
Make a tagline, buy some advertising, (TV, Trailer, Magazine ad, poster)
Then pass by the weeks. When it’s done filming, yoou release it and see how it does in the box office, and if its succesful or not.

Its a fun game. If you have a mac and want to play it, which i highly reccomend, go to

(Oh yeah, come to think of it, Rachel McAdams WOULD make a really good Laura Bow. She has the same colored wavy hair, which can really be seen more in Amon-Ra (the cover) and really does just look like Laura. Not very strongly, but they both have the same features.