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“… (by ) I was thinking, and you know what would be a GREAT movie (if done correctly)? A Laura Bow movie! Hell, it could be scary, a great mystery, and with the trend of thrillers lately, it would do great! As long as a good screenplay is written (hopefuly under Roberta’s watchful eye, to make sure her heroine is completly devolped and shown as Roberta dreamt her up as) and tons of mysterious and thrilling things are added, I would love this movie. Ken, do you think THIS would ever happen?…”

Certainly, I would like to see it happen – but, I have no idea how possible it would be. I don’t know who (if anyone) is running Sierra these days, or what he/she might be thinking.

I remember a few years back going to see “Galaxy Quest”, and “Deuce Bigalow”, on the same day. A few minutes into Galaxy Quest, I became convinced that whoever made it must have been a Space Quest fan. Then when I saw Deuce Bigalow, I thought “It’s Larry!” There is certainly a possibility that neither movie had anything to do with our games, but coming as they did at the same time, and just the right amount of time after we were on top of the charts with our games, I couldn’t help thinking it…

I was a little disappointed, because I had (and continue to) been trying to buy the rights to Larry as a film, and I was worried that a Larry script might now be seen as a Deuce Bigalow rip off. But other than this, I thought they were fun films, and was happy to see the characters living on.

-Ken W