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(re: Rights to Quest for Glory Series) Anyway, I have thought for years that the original Hero’s Quest would make a great movie, and I was wondering who owned the rights to that material, if it was you guys or Vivendi Universal, the Two Guys from Andromeda or the Wizards at W.I.T. Any info you guys could send along the way would be great. Once again, thank you for all the years of solid gaming excitement.

My belief is that Vivendi holds the rights to Hero’s Quest.
We had problems with the name Hero’s Quest, and had to change the name. I forget who it was, but a board game company went after us saying that we were infringing the trademark for their boardgame, so we renamed the series to Quest For Glory.
I am convinced that had we left the name as Hero’s Quest it would have sold twice as well.
Thank you!
-Ken W