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(re: re: KING’S QUEST MOVIE) Hello Mr, Mrs. Williams, I am writing to you as a fan of the King’s Quest games. They had a tremendous impact on me over the years and lately i am studying to become a film director in Australia and have wondered about writing a King’s Quest screenplay for a movie that perhaps some day be able to make. I was wondering what you thought about that, is it a good idea, do you object, any thoughts etc. I would be honoured if you relayed your opinions.
Sorry to be late responding…
There is a huge potential market for anything Kings Quest related. Kings Quest targets the same demographic as Harry Potter, and was always Sierra’s top selling product (until Kings Quest 8, which was the only Kings Quest game that Roberta was not responsible for).
That said, I would doubt that Sierra would ever allow you to do a film. I tried for 10 years to buy the film rights to Leisure-Suit Larry, and could never get them.
Good luck!
-Ken W