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(re: What are the odds?) Hi All
Now would be a great time to get into the adventure game business. If you havn’t already you might try one of Dreamcatcher games. They are very close to the old Sierra games except for one thing. The graphics are ver y beutiful in my apinion they are missing on very important thing. They don’t have any clues hardly at all and can leave you wondering what to do next. They really need to take some lessons from the old Sierra crew. The Clues do two things. They help you get through the game and when you figure out what a clue is telling you to do it makes you feel really good.
Adverture game are taking off again and the reason is because they just learned that they were missing half the market by targeting the male teens with shoot’em ups. They found that woman and older people want to play games too but couldn’t fine anything that they thought they might like to try. This is all changing now and it’s companies like The Adventure Co. (Dreamcatcher) that are doing something about the problem. Another company that is targeting only woman is Her Interactive and they have some very big sellers as well.
Adverture Game are not dead any more and now that every one can find a game they might like to play I think it will only get better.