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(Just do it!) “Whereas if I could find something that Roberta could design, and I could program – we’d definitely do something.”
To quote Nike… Just Do It! Screw the flashy graphics, they just get in the way of the story anyways…. IMHO, the best Sierra games were the ones with simple graphics and great stories / solid gameplay, the Police Quest 2, Space Quest 3, King’s Quest 4 era of games… I enjoyed each of them alot more than their final incarnations. Better yet, give us a game with King’s quest 6 era Graphics (sorry, you guys never pulled off the KQ7 Cartoony-look like LucasArts has done so well) and give us a good story…
No freakin’ actors, no musicals between puzzles, just GOOD STORIES.
I’d really be interested in knowing, in this age of pentium 4’s and Voodoo Videocards, how many old Space Questers, if they just now discovered and picked up a copy of the unofficial SQ2 1/2, would play it start to finish, text input, ega graphics and all.
Now think if that the game had SQ4’s graphics?
That’s gotta at least turn a profit.