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(Bethesda and Elder Scrolls)

I may be off here, but what do you all think of Bethesda Softworks and their Elder Scrolls series, with the most recent TES III: Morrowind winning Game of the Year in 2002. Not only was it the most satisfying adventure/rpg game I’ve played since TrueSierra, but it was also the first one I really enjoyed playing on a console (XBOX) … the music was super, the graphics were excellent, the gameplay was LOOOONG with dozens of ‘quests’ … enough action elements to keep you happy, but it was mostly tasks and quests.. the drawback here is that there were few puzzles.. but…

It would seem that Bethesda could be the next Sierra? Their next game was Pirates of the Caribbean, which was REALLY Sea Dogs II (another open ended game like Morrowind), and now they have a horror game coming, Call of Cthulu. And of course, the future Elder Scrolls IV.

Basically what I’m getting at is – how do you think Bethesda and its Elder Scrolls, etc, compare to our beloved Sierra, and could its HUGE success somehow convince EvilNewSierra to come out with, say, a Kings Quest game similar to Morrowind?

Proof is in the awards, sales, and fervent passion of the Morrowind fans – that format SELLS. and it ENDURES. Morrowind’s new Game Of The Year Edition (w/ 2 expansion packs) is a HOT item right now..

Kings Quest IX?