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(re: I have to say Sierra sucks now) <sigh>
I should start by saying that I played my first computer game, the original King’s Quest from 1984, on the very first consumer release IBM-PC AT type computer at the age of 7, and, sorry Ken, but KQ1 was a copy we got from a friend we knew at the time; don’t worry though, I plunked many a dollar down on your fine games after that… 😉
I do miss those games–they’re a part of my childhood–and I hate that Sierra Entertainment shows us such distain as letting them all go out of print.
A comment like “Sierra sucks now,” is a philisophical debate, as a number of people have pointed out; it really should be interpreted to mean something along the lines of “I wish that the new owners of Sierra (Vivendi Universal) would revive the games that were popular before.”
Isn’t that what we’re all here talking about, anyway? This place that Ken has so kindly put up is an homage to our collective pasts–all the time we spent on those classic games we recall so fondly.
We miss King’s Quest, Space Quest, Larry, and the rest, because the new blood at Sierra Entertainment won’t agree to make new games, or re-release old games, now. Saying that “Sierra sucks now” is lashing out at the people that make those decisions as to what gets published, and what gets dumped.
What we really should say is that Sierra’s decision to let all that history go to waste is what really sucks. *That* is the real disrespect.
It should be obvious to any corp suit with half a brain and a degree from a mail-order catalogue that there is still a demand for those classical adventure games in the Quest series style based on all the fan sites and projects that exist, but at the moment there is too much demand for FPS type games. There is so much demand that NOLF, Doom-clones, AvP, Unreal, and the rest are still kings.
Amazingly, to me, some of those FPS’s are even fun.
Even having said all that, though, there is an old saying I picked up somewhere: “everything old is new again.” What that means is that, eventually, hopefully, the market will swing about and start to notice this particular genre of gaming and pick it up once more. A number of people have pointed out that there are other companies that are possibly picking up Sierra On-Line’s dropped gauntlet and putting out new work (sorry for not getting proper names here; it’s 2am at the time I’m typing), though it’s not the titles we want.
How can we make it “new again?” Support the fan projects. Help them, if you can. Quite probably, the only way we can convince Sierra, and anyone else, that they should revive the franchises is that there is such a demand that they’d make money on a new title.
Who knows, Sierra might find that the adventure genre is “new again.”