Reply To: Ken And Remakes?


(Fanmade Games) The neat thing about fan games is that some fit very well in the original series’ story. “Space Quest 0 – Replicated” is a very good example for an excellent fanmade game, and so are the Tierra KQ1 and KQ2 remakes. “Space Quest – The Lost Chapter” is also a must-play for every SQ Fan although I only give it a B (it’s not bad, it’s really enjoyable and I was overjoyed when the first demo was released – it was the first finished Space Quest game since Space Quest 6 after all and I’d played them all. It’s just too big. That would be alright if the size wouldn’t often seem ‘blown-up’, more quantity than quality. Too many screens without a function and too much verbosity at times. It’s hilarious none the less and has many good puzzles.)
They’re not the originals alright. But when you’ve seen all the originals, playing a fan game can be a lot of fun and even improve the experience on the fan-games’ commercial predecessors. It is also very nice to see that there are people around who care so much about these games that they take upon themselves the trouble to work very hard for no money (yet an immortal reputation among fans if they succeed.)