Reply To: Ken And Remakes?


(AGI Sound) I know I’m wisecracking a bit here, but the original AGI games’ sound wasn’t intended to be played on the PC Speaker but on the IBM Junior PC’s three voice sound chip. There just weren’t sound cards available like today for regular PCs in these days, that’s why, naturally, there was no support for them in the PC versions. The games, however DID have three voices – what you’re hearing when you play a patched AGI game is thus not too different from what one could hear on computers that had better sound capabilities, e.g. the Amiga 500. If the three-voice-music wasn’t already in the games, programming a soundblaster or Midi patch wouldn’t make too much sense, except enabling you to change the volume. Compare this to the Nintendo Gameboy that didn’t support colors at first – the games, however, did. Put an old game in a Gameboy Color or a Super Gameboy (adapter for playing Gameboy Games on the SNES) and it’s in color. Impossible, if the colors wouldn’t have been there all the time, only the Hardware of the original Gameboy didn’t support displaying them.

How you enjoy the old games, however, is your decision, of course. But it just isn’t true that the old AGI games were meant to play the bad excuse for music the PC Speaker was capable of.