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Considering what I have read on this page, I think I am ok in doing this: I have just about every Sierra adventure game archived on my computer – anyone who wants one (or more) can email me and I will get it to you 🙂 LONG LIVE SIERRA! Email me at jesseglen AT gmail DOT com with the name of the game you want, and I’ll get back to you promptly with the download.

Oh and hello to Ken and Roberta, you guys MADE my childhood and turned me into the computer / game geek I am today. Definitely changed my life. Heartfelt thanks to you and the rest of the Sierra team.

Is there ANY way we can get you to bring Dee Dee, Mike, and the rest of the “real” Sierra back, to create some “real” games? Back in the day, Sierra was the ONLY game company making anything worth playing… these days, games like KQ, PQ, SQ and Manhunter are very, very hard to come by. When you play Sierra titles, you can FEEL the enthusiasm that was poured into the games, and you can just imagine the team getting so excited over this scene or that new puzzle… man it must have been an exciting time. Anyways, love you guys 🙂