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(re: re: re: re: re: Sierra Classics) The bottom line is Sierra is in the business of making money, not creating a loyal fanbase. The business of the former Sierra depended greatly on fan support, but times are drastically different. If they could make money off of these older games, they would release them, but kids these days don’t want to buy outdated software (even if it is better than the current stuff). Why would they want to waste their time handing out games if this would not really benefit their current sales. (Of course, I’m playing devil’s advocate)
It is curious, however, that Sierra still continues to keep message boards for their older games that aren’t still available. This company isn’t stupid. It’s watching to see where trends are going and demand for the games.
What might be a good idea is to offer classics similarly to Apple’s iTunes. Charge a small amount to download a game. On the other hand, it still might not be cost effective (i.e. paying webpeople, server space, etc.), which is something Sierra would research and keep a very close eye on. I wouldn’t mind paying $5-$15 for an older game if that’s what it comes down to.