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I don’t keep hold of them because i will “eventually” need them, I actually still play them! They are my fav games of all time. I just would love to get all of them. If they are not sold and are not available for download…….then where are they? It should not be illegal to distribute something that does not exist in today’s market. I think Sierra holds on to the copyrights for their games…..but they should not hold on to the old games themselves. Rather, companies like Epic Megagames let One Must Fall 2097 go free. Yet they still own rights to make a part 2 if they so wish. ID software let out some of their source codes to engines….it does not mean they can’t produce another game from the engines. I’m not asking to abandon the old names…..just allow people to distribute the classic games or put them back on the market. One or the other. Not just let them die.