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(re: Sierra Classics) While I agree with your opinion from a legal viewpoint, Paul, I have no idea what you mean when you say “the games are still supported.” The games are not supported in any way by Sierra. So, I completely agree with keeping the games alive in any way possible, as Ken said, hate to see them “cease to exist.” If someone asked for a copy of a game I had, I’d send it to them – not only would I send it to them, but if I was sending it to them on CD I’d throw on a whole bunch of other Sierra games too in order to fill up the CD – because I know the only way they could get it is to pay too much on EBay and the only person who profits is the guy who sells it. As for bargain bins, I’ve never seen a Sierra game in a bargain bin. I guess all the software stores around where I live just suck!
But as you say, I do not support posting links or posting requests for games in public places.
What is a viable amount? Obviously there is still demand for old games… But not enough demand to make it viable for Sierra to release big collection packs?