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(re: re: Sierra Classics) I know, of course Sierra has the say. Since they seem to ignore every old fan asking them to sell their old games or release them as freeware…..I don’t know what will happen. I can see their side though. They probably think one day they will make new games in ther series, but every series? When will sierra ever make an Codename: Iceman 2? They shouldn’t tell people “Sorry, we can’t let you have the game for free” and at the same time say “We won’t sell the game anymore”….
That is what’s so interesting about computer games and time, it’s a very controversal topic. No matter what happens, I’ll still be playing the games. I don’t feel bad about having to download some of the ones I missed either. I long for the day sierra realizes that it would not hurt to let the games go.
Well, anyway…..thanks for the quick reply! Hmmm….this site resparked my interest in sierra. I think I’ll go play some Police Quest! 😉