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(Personal Favorites)

Hello Ken and Roberta. First of all, your games I’ve enjoyed since I was two, it helped me to read, type, write, etc. I am forever greatful, and until the day I die your games will forever be my favorite one’s. However speaking of favorites, I was wondering if you could let me some input as to some of your favorites and why. Like which was your fav from each series and why. I believe it would be interesting to hear the perspective as to why they were your top choices.

And for the record, I blame you and Roberta to losing a few weeks up sleep due to the intensity of Phantasmagoria. It came out, I was young, and that game scared the heck out of me. But great great game. So if you could let me into which your favorite games of each series are, it would be cool. Thanks for your time, and hopefully we’ll see something from you or your wife someday soon. Thanks for releasing the best games, and hope to hear a response soon.