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I wouldn’t say adventure games are “dead.” I’d say they have evolved. If you use the defination of an adventure game as a point and click game like what Sierra used to do, then yes, they aren’t made anymore. however, if you use the defination that an adventure game is one where it doesn’t focus on lots of action, stragity, and other game types (it’s more of an interactive game, not kill’em all send in armies, and fly a simulator), then i’d say it’s adventure.

Not an old style adventure though. “The Legend of Zelda” has always been classified an adventure game. Nintendo released a new one this year. I’d also say that “Metroid Prime” is also an adventure game because it doesn’t have the normal FPS attitude to it. It’s more of an “explore-the-cave-and-search-out-new-things” feel (not DOOM style).

Of course if you focus on PC then i’d say that adventure gaming is mostly dead. Not many new Adventure games on PC anymore.