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(re: re: re: When did the ‘demise’ start?) Thank you for your answer, Ken! What I still don’t understand is the following: a company buys Sierra On-Line and its bestselling adventure game franchises. They opt to break away from the ‘winning team’ formula and see the results afterwards: bad reviews ánd sales of the game (KQ8). There are still other succesfull franchises left (Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, …) Why – at that moment – not go back to the winning formula and create a new ‘old fashioned’ adventure game?? After all, as Ken says, good games do sell … I know, not an easy question, and I can understand if you don’t have an answer ready :).
Does somebody know if GK3 sold well? After all, it was one of the last adventure games that Sierra made …
It sure won’t be an ‘the adventure genre is dead’ article, rest assured. I want to explain to the readers how the genre started, how it evolved, … and where it stands now (‘sleeping’ in mass terms, but certainly not dead!). I’m especially looking forward to the adventure game that Jane Jensen is developing for The Adventure Company and the new Broken Sword game.