Reply To: Any Games after Sierra?


(re: Any Games after Sierra?) I do think a lot about doing a game, and Roberta and I have seriously considered it a few times – but, we’ve never done anything. I don’t know that we ever will. We’d like to, but we just don’t have time – and besides: there’s a lot of creative people out there who deserve a chance to do THEIR games. Maybe this board will help inspire them to get to work.
My current project can be seen at – it’s a turnkey solution for anyone who wants a website (with a focus on corporate intra/extra nets and groups/associations), and is the basis for this website. It’s early in development, but is working great. I’d encourage anyone who is considering wants a website to give it a try (for at least the next six months it’s FREE, and there’s no commitment whatsoever). If all you need is a simple single-page website, there are better solutions – but, if you need a complex site, with security, email verification, mailing lists, etc, my software has no peer.
Talkspot isn’t a game (and, isn’t as fun to develop as a game), but it fits my lifestyle better. A game requires a full time effort over multiple years, with a large team. We’re living mostly outside the US and travelling most of the time. Generally, I can develop TalkSpot at my own pace, and work alone. Roberta isn’t currently involved, but says she will start working with me soon.
Originally, Talkspot was born out of my asking myself what I could start that one of my sons could takeover. I had the idea and started building it, and then presented it to my sons, each of which yawned and promptly found real jobs. It’s been fun, so I’ve kept going.
-Ken Williams