Reply To: Solution to old copyrights


(re: re: re: Solution to old copyrights) Actually it was not a version os SCUMM that became freeware, Revolution Software just decided to give their code to makers of ScummVM a group of people who made a collection of interpreters that are capable of emulating some adventure game engines mostly different versions of SCUMM. It was almost impossible to make Beneath a Steel Sky to work on todays computers so Revolution decided to give their code to ScummVM team so that the game could be played again at the same time they also made it available to the public. Despite this I think that Revolution retained their copyright to the characters and the game it is just that it is free to distribute.
So the thing is, the characters and other stuff did not become free of copyright just becouse the game was released free, albeit Revolution is quite open on potential fan games, other companies may not be, so you never know.