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(re: re: re: Sierra Football Games) So I guess it wasn’t until later you got the courage to put something “racy” on the front of a Sierra product, and got your friends (and loved one) in a hottub, and onto a text adventure cover =)
I see now, where the true inspiration for Softporn came from =) Hi-Res Football.
Good point! Actually, somehow, a racy picture seemed more appropriate on a game called “SoftPorn” than on a football game…
You do have me thinking though .. which came first? My memory is that football came out first. As I recall, the game was literally just X’s and O’s on a 2d black/white background.
The Softporn cover was pretty great. I had an original color key (it looks like a negative, but is three sheets of transparent plastic with the different colors) that I had framed – that got ruined. It was spoiled by too much sun hitting it. Darn! Oh well… Those WERE the good old days.
-Ken W