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(re: Sierra Football Games) Which football game were you refering to her painting the cover for? Were you talking about Front Page Sports series? Or the old Hi-Res Football? I am assuming you are talking about the old one.
I scanned my old Football instruction book in a minute ago, and am posting it.
Was it a cover for this one?
You are right – it was a cover for Hi-Res Football. I don’t think any copies shipped with the cover that Nova did. We printed them, but then lost the courage to ship them. I had boxes of them in my garage that I think we ultimately just threw away.
I can still see it in my mind; it was a picture of one football player, and one cheerleader. The cheerleader was VERY sexy. I’m not sure what Roberta’s mom was thinking, but I like how she thinks.
Now you know the rest of the story as to why that particular cover isn’t in color. It’s a single color (blue) – because we were in a hurry to get something printed to replace the covers that were thrown away.
-Ken W