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(re: re: Anti Bush Message) Sorry, Ken!
My post was supposed to be a joke alluding to Chris’ statement “Hopefully you don’t run into much Anti-American sentiment in your travels abroad.” It wasn’t supposed to be a political statement. And it’s definitely not my opinion (although I don’t think Bush himself stands for democracy, freedom of speech or intellectual debate), it’s too silly for that. The message was “America <> Bush”, that’s all. I see now that my way to express this, which was supposed to be sarcastic, not really serious, was very inconsiderate and misunderstandings should’ve been forseeable.
My opinion is that one can only judge the individual by the way he or she influences others (which is of course always very difficult because, especially in our days with our advanced ways of communication, there are a lot of mutual influences everywhere.)
I hope I made a point this time. I do agree with practically everything you have said on the topic. And I do have great respect for what you’ve done in Coarsegold and for still playing a very active part in the gamer’s community. I also like the idea of, although I know far too little about most issues of global relevance to valuably contribute.
Hope I didn’t spoil your good humour and good luck with your future projects!