Reply To: Your Vacation


(re: Anti Bush Message) All:
I did not delete Simon’s message, even though it had nothing to do with Sierra – because I’m always (or, at least almost always) anti censorship.
That said…
I am not endorsing it. The message reflects the opinion of the person who posted the message, and I do believe that people have a right to express their opinion.
And, that said…
I do like political debate (although preferably not here). I set up another site ( – if people want to debate politics there.
And, having said all that…
I define debate as intellectual discussion. Simply saying “I hate Bush” or “I love Bush” doesn’t really accomplish much. Neither does picking on someone for the clothes they wear, or how they look. I believe we move forward when you try to understand all sides of an issue. Obviously, the person who posted the “anti Bush” message believes that President Bush is not doing a good job as President. Why? In what area? It isn’t enough to respond that we shouldn’t be in Iraq. Tell me what we were trying to accomplish there, and how it could have been accomplished in some other way – and, then you have an intelligent debate. However, my preference is that you say all this on the political board ( – not here. This board should try to stay Sierra-focused.
-Ken W
PS The political board is just getting started. If it attracts a lot of interest, I’ll enhance it. If not, I’ll shut it down. Is there an interest? Got me.