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(re: re: re: re: Oakhurst Facility Rent) Dear Ken!
Thanks for your wise reply!
Indeed all your points are true, even if they do hurt the “nostalgic” side of my mindset. 🙂 I think it was Scott Murphy who said that for Sierra to return, they would have to move back to Oakhurst, because the enviroment there had alot to do with the creativity that made the games of that era. Indeed I never once considered Sierra to be just a building or place, just that those places and things and circumstances that were involved in what created the games I have loved all my life are in some way important to me. Just like you and Roberta. What would be of Sierra without you two?? Yes, maybe similar games may have come along, but it just wouldn’t have been the same.
I just wish things could continue where they left off, so to speak. The original creators, writers, artists that loved and gave birth to Space Quest, King’s Quest, etc. They gave us so much and it just seemed that the whole thing was “executed” and replaced with a mindless company with nothing but Half-Life on it’s mind(I love that game by the way)….
But I guess it is inevitable, just like William Shatner and Star Trek, at some point you just gotta say, “Hey, this guy just can’t do it anymore”
Forgive me Ken, I want nothing but for you do move on to new things, but I just feel like things came to an abrupt end. And I would like to see you and Roberta and everyone else from the old days have just one more go at it, just to see if it can be done. Comebacks are the greatest challenge and the rarest of deeds these days…
But to be honest, you creating and caring about this website and the history that Sierra made really does give it all closure! Many of us never dreamed of being able to talk to the founder of Sierra, it really means alot to those who were formed from those games…
Now I’m gonna go play with my old Sierra boxes!! 🙂
Thanks for your time and this site!