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(re: re: re: Oakhurst Facility Rent) There has to be something we can do to get Sierra back Ken! 🙂
Sierra is/was not represented by a building. A building is just a place to go to work. To get Sierra back is really simple. All you need is a group of creative people doing creative things – with a very high focus on quality and innovation.
Here’s what I mean:
Sierra was special, because of our product development philosophy (and, our marketing strategy). Our philosophy is easy for anyone to replicate. You don’t need to buy buildings. If someone looks at the powerpoint presentation I did, and my interview, and then perhaps talks to me for a few minutes, you have everything that made Sierra what it was (both the good and the bad). I was famous inside the company for what I used to call “Kens Laws” .. I was boringly repetative. I made regular tours of each of the products in development, and almost everyone in every meeting knew what I was going to say before I said it. At times I used to say that anyone could have done the meetings, and just have pretended to be me – just as effectively.
I believe that sooner or later, some software entrepreneur will decide to follow the Sierra Formula. And, that this will be what rebuilds Sierra – even if it isn’t named Sierra, or even if Sierra nor I ever receive any acknowledgement that this was done.
Sierra was a “vision” for how to build and market product. It wasn’t a particular set of brands, or a particular set of developers. All anyone needs to do to rebuild Sierra is to read through this site (and, of course, have MILLIONS and MILLIONs of dollars to spend).
Actually, I’m not convinced that huge money really is needed. The internet as a means of distributing software is just emerging. There are new business models to be figured out. Also, the internet provides a forum for people with a common interest to come together. I bet any of us who wanted to put together a team of people, to build a game, who were willing to work for free, against a piece of the action, could do it in a week (assuming you have charisma and leadership skills). There are thousands of artists, programmers, sound guys, etc who want to build a game. All you need is a leader with a vision. I don’t do it, because I’ve “been there, done that” and want to do new things.
I could repeat here what I’ve said elsewhere about what I think a winning formula is, but that would be redundant. My only point is that people shouldn’t get hung up on trying to restart Sierra. (assuming Sierra needs restarted. For all I know, they may be doing a billion dollars in revenue this year. I really haven’t talked to them in years). To build a company that is the Sierra that people remember, all you need is an entrepreneur with a vision. I’m convinced that dozens of entrepreneurs (maybe thousands) will read this site – and, that one of those will “get it” for what made Sierra unique, and we’ll have a new Sierra (even though it might be called “Cascade software” or something.
-Ken W