Reply To: Proposing New Game Ideas


(re: re: re: Ken Williams Q&A) Ken, thanks for responding to this one!
this little tidbit is worth my asking…
Ultimately, to get a publishers attention, you need a working demo of the game. It doesn’t need to be more than the first level. It’s nearly impossible to know if a game is any good looking at a paragraph of text. You need to see something on screen.
i figured this was the case and the fact that you stated a single level as being good enough was exactly the detail i was looking for. this definitely shed’s some light on the subject for me. what i’ve done up to this point is purely story development. i am working under the assumption that anything beyond this stage is moot if nobody buys into the story and characters. would you agree?
i’ve drawn out the first 6 scenes (down to the dialog) … i was going to produce a demo from this … then on to the publisher sale’s pitch! i was going to do much of the programming (with help from a few others) for the demo. i was also hoping to recruit some artists from the local university for graphics. at this point i have no clue what i would do about music …thought about bits and pieces of sierra game music, but i would assume there are legal issues with that.
who says game development isn’t fun?! 🙂