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(re: re: Games for the TI 99) Hey emily!
I will do my best to get those screenshots soon. Any ideas what would be the “Best cheapest” way of getting screenshots?
Also, I ordered a flatbed scanner today, so I will be posting some awesome pics of my many Sierra Cartridge games, as well as varoius scans of my massive Sierra collection! 🙂
P.S. You may be able to find an emulator for the SMS, and find the rom to play for yourself!!
I wonder if Ken can verify this, but I read on some site long ago that only 900 copies of King’s Quest V were made for the NES, and like 700 of the Kq1 for the Sega. Sounds wrong to me, do you have any recollections Ken? Also, did Parker Brothers do the port of Kq1 for SMS??