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(re: re: Games for the TI 99) Thanks for your reply. What TI did back in the early 1980s was make all the software houses have to publish through them, except for the few that get a GROM licence from TI or used cartridges only with ROM. The Sierra games were put out in TI packaging, so it is possible development was done there. This would have been 1983.
What did happen in 1984 was TI left the computer market and then there were two comanies that signed an agreement with TI to continue production of the TI-99/4A conversions TI originally put out, but under their own label. Apparently, Imagic and Sierra/Disney signed up to do this. I wonder what was in that warehouse, would have been neat to know. Any chance some people took one of everything for their own use before the stash was thrown out?
I’ll have to include this great info you gave me on the Web Site. Here’s a quote from you in a TI Users Group Newsletter from 1984: “We look forward to serving the large number of 99/4A Home Computer owners with this new software, and we hope to continue providing this and other software for the 99/4A,” said Ken Williams, president of Sierra On-line”. (February 1984).
Maybe I can put some screen shots here for you too, since I saw the TI Title Screen screen shot.
Bryan Roppolo