Reply To: First to Market?


(re: First to Market?) i was curious of an example of a game that you recalled and reworked, *because* it wasn’t “first-to-market?”
I’m going to be traveling the next few days – so I’ll answer this when I can. For now, here’s an “off the top of my head” answer…
We did a product called Pro-Pilot that was similar to Microsoft’s flight simulator. Throughout development, we were monitoring Microsoft’s product. We wanted to differentiate the product by having some features they didn’t have. Overall, we knew we couldn’t compete with their product – they had a 20 year head start on us – but, we thought we could have a few features they missed – and, that these features would justify any flight simulator fan buying our product, in addition, to the Microsoft product.
During development, we were monitoring the rumors on Microsoft’s product. There were several features we had, that we thought were unique, that they announced. Argh! This product spent a lloonnnggggg time in development.
I’ll write more in a few days.
-Ken W