Reply To: What Sierra told me.


(re: What Sierra told me.) So, Sierra are basically saying that due to royalties agreement they’d have to honour to (one assumes ex-) employee’s the likelyhood of resurrecting the old adventures is near zero 🙁 That’s a real shame.
However, surely there’s some developers in Sierra who’ve got an urge to update the interpreters for modern platforms?! Failing that, I think it would be a PR coup if Sierra were to release the source code to the developers of SCUMMVM… that way the nostalgic people are happy and Sierra get more recognition/advertising. Yeah, I know – dreaming but if the likes of Revolution (Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword) and John Passfield/Tony Ball (as was Renegade – Flight of the Amazon Queen) can release source code for old titles then why not Sierra?