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(re: re: re: Sierra 25-year anniversary – next year?) Anyway, you are probobly right asking – is there a “there” … they (Vivendi) probobly use the name “Sierra” for their games.. and that’s that. But there must be something… you moved the headquarters to Bellevue sometime around ~1993 right? since the heart at Oakhurst (Yosemite Entertainment) was shut down in 1999, what’s left of the hq. in Bellevue ?

I happened to be looking over the Sierra website the other night (trying to find a fix for a patch for Empire Earth that isn’t installing correctly…) and I noticed that they list the headquarters of Sierra Entertainment as Bellevue still. I don’t know how much of it survives, but Vivendi claims that’s still the “heart” of Sierra, so I assume that it must still be substantial.
Of course, we know differently…but that’s what they say. ;P