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(re: Sierra 25-year anniversary – next year?) Hi Ken,
It might be a bit early to bring up this issue – but isn’t Sierra gonna have its 25 years anniversary sometime in 2004? On which month exactly?
Wow, I sure hope to see some old titles in honor of the anniversary. There will be probobly another Larry game (although sadly without Al Lowe). Maybe we can hope for a re-release of at least the collections… looking on eBay, the (used!) collections of the various quests series are sold for prices around 80$+, and people are “jumping” on every collection auction, eventhough mostly include only the CD, and sometimes the manual only. Currently, Sierra is wrong by underestimating the financial potential of this. I hope that in honor of the anniversary (a quarter of a century!!) they will understand the situation. [Maybe we will make a petition, but it is still early..]

Posted by: qfgs on 10/9/2003

I started coding on Mystery House, our first game, in December of 1979. We started selling it in May of 1980. Hence … the 25 year anniversary is 2004, or 2005 – depending on how you look at it.
My personal opinion: “is there anyone left at Sierra? Is there a ‘there’ there?”
-Ken W