Reply To: Game Design Methodologies


Great letter and sketches.  The sketches remind me of Dungeons & Dragons, where the Dungeon Master had to draw out the rooms and create the NPCs(Non-Player Characters).  I would love to see more docs like these too!

And for those who wonder about another Sierra, unless VU can not afford to hold onto the company, I don’t see it comming back in name.  I suggest collecting as many screen shots, sound files and scripts as you can.  Collect anything that may translate to a remake on a future system.  One may have to store CDs and hard copy pictures.

I would like to see a new developement group who has the ability to capture the fun and adventure of the Sierra games in their own games.

I am currently playing Battlefield 1942.  The game is fun but it lacks in story and adventure.  I have to create my own missions or goals even if the game says I lost because I didn’t go after the flags. 

Good luck to TSL, I hope VU hasn’t taken the fun out of creating the next KQ.