Reply To: Game Design Methodologies


(Stuff from Roberta and Interaction Scan Project Update) Ken:
Those scans of the design Documents and Maps are awesome! Something that we might want to consider putting on the Archive collection (in part or in whole). I promise I am still at work on the Sierra Newsletter, been busy wrapping up some design concepts at my day job – was able to work with Robert @ Kinkos and get that first one up – I have talked him into doing one of the more recent newsletters since it has 64 pages instead of 32, and more color graphics and such. He is doing a more acurate time study, and we should be able to present you with a breakdown of the process a cost at each step.
For those of you that were concerned with the resolution and striaghtness of the pages. Rest assured that we are keeping 300dpi scans of each page, and that the crookedness displayed in the PDF seems to be happening in the conversion process to the PDF becuase the TIFF files look perfectly straight. When we output the PDF’s we will take a vote from everyone on the final resolution/quality. Right now that compress will yield a 5.5Meg file on the 32 page mags, and probably around a 15Meg on the 64 page newer mags. Maybe even more with all the color graphics/ads. So that is somewhere around 30 per CD. Looks like it will be a 2 CD set for those.
I think we are in agreeance that the OCR process adds tremendous value to the project, being able to search articles and such. Do you have a complete game design document Ken? A complete one from a single game would be something that I believe could be looked at for generations to come, and learned from – would be very valuable for the CD/DVD collection.
Any more luck on hunting down those videos at all? I know you have been staying busy. Just let me know.