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(re: re: re: Game Design Methodologies) Shoot 1000 page design documents,…
I couldn’t have said it better. I did “project reviews” every 90 days to see how products were going during development. When someone handed me a thick document, but couldn’t talk about their project – I got frightened. Developers sometimes hide behind thick piles of paper. They have 1,000 pages of design document – but are unwilling to commit on what the cost will be to build the game.
I used to take comfort that people had done the thick documents – but then not allow them into the project review meetings. Leaders should KNOW their products, and be able to talk about them without their notes. If I asked a question, and someone had to look for 10 minutes though their notes to find the answer, we were almost always in trouble.
One of my “Ken Sayings” was always “I hate bureaucracy”.
-Ken W