Reply To: Game Design Methodologies


(re: re: Game Design Methodologies) Shoot 1000 page design documents, that’s pretty darn huge. I keep finding when I try to write out some sort of design document I ultimately end up getting bored with it. Not that I wouldn’t write anything, in most cases I end up with alot of stuff written down (when the game is finished), but it’s usually not in a formalized way. In any case my plan is to have a story outline, and the locations mapped out, and then to start working on puzzles and characters.
As far as “fun”, it’s hardly easy to quantify. I do agree however if you spend “X” amount of hours solving a puzzle that’s not really fun then the whole experience can be ruined. But then I guess you don’t really know what fun is until you have it in a playable form and can test it out.
Thanks for your comments