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(re: re: The ESRB and video game violence) I think this really does depend on who plays the game. Myself, I probably played many violent games throughout my life and I was not affected enough to go out and hurt people.
However, violence is not ‘essential’ towards making a game creative and popular. Games like Mario and King’s Quest managed to remain very popular games without hardly any use of violence….at least not excessive killing (unless you really like turtles and are offended by jumping on them). There are tons of games which use non-realistic violence and can do a better job than games were you are told to decapitate a victim in full detail.
No-one should take games too seriously anyway. You should treat it as Ken said, a movie, and just enjoy it and have fun. You don’t need to actually start acting like the game character or anything. Maybe parent’s should not give really young kids violent games like shooters until they are old enough to know better.